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[movies]Code4Lib 2008: The Code4Lib Future - Code4Lib.org
Code4lib is a successful brand in the library world, but with its continued growth it is time to consider the future of Code4Lib. Presented by Edward Corrado.
Keywords: code4lib, 2008, code4lib
Downloads: 56
[movies]Code4Lib 2008: The Code4Lib Journal
Over the last 8 months, several members of the code4lib community have been hard at work creating a new journal from the ground up.
Downloads: 36
[movies]Code4Lib 2008 Lightning Talk: Intro to #Code4Lib - Code4Lib.org
Jodi Schneider and Jonathan Gorman give an introduction to the #Code4Lib chatroom.
Keywords: code4lib, 2008, #code4lib, chat
Downloads: 114
[movies]Code4Lib 2008 Lightning Talk: How to Meet People and Have Fun at Code4Lib - Code4Lib.org
Mark Matienzo tells how to get your groove back at Code4Lib.conf.
Keywords: code4lib, 2008
Downloads: 114
[movies]Code4Lib 2008: MARCThing - Code4Lib.org
Casey Durfee discusses MARCThing, a self-contained web service which aims to do for MARC and Z39.50 what Solr did for searching.
Keywords: code4lib, 2008, marcthing, librarything, MARC, z39.50
Downloads: 63
[movies]Code4Lib 2008: OpenURL - Code4Lib.org
Ross Singer and Jonathan Rochkind describe Ümlaut, an open source OpenURL middleware layer intended to improve the link resolving chain by analyzing incoming citations and intelligently querying resources to better enable access to them.
Keywords: code4lib, 2008, Ümlaut, OpenURL, link resolver
Downloads: 73
[movies]Code4Lib 2008: The Wayback Machine - Code4Lib.org
Brad Tofel, lead developer, describes the latest open source release of The Wayback Machine (version 1.4.)
Keywords: code4lib, 2008, wayback machine, web repository
Downloads: 544
[movies]Code4Lib 2008 Lightning Talk: Erlang - Code4Lib.org
Devon Smith describes the Erlang programming language.
Keywords: code4lib, 2008, erlang
Downloads: 123
[movies]Code4Lib 2008 Lightning Talk: Selenium - Code4Lib.org
Jon Phipps demonstrates Selenium, the Firefox testing IDE.
Keywords: code4lib, 2008, selenium, firefox
Downloads: 131
[movies]Code4Lib 2008 Lightning Talk: Scriblio - Code4Lib.org
Casey Bisson describes Scriblio, the OPAC replacement based on the WordPress authoring system.
Keywords: code4lib, 2008, scriblio, wordpress
Downloads: 69
[movies]Code4Lib 2008 Lightning Talk: Facebook - Code4Lib.org
John Nowlin talks of putting the CCLA linkweb product onto Facebook.
Keywords: code4lib, 2008, facebook
Downloads: 59
[movies]Code4Lib 2008 Lightning Talk: Git - Code4Lib.org
Galen Charlton describes Git, the distributed version control system.
Keywords: code4lib, 2008, git, version control
Downloads: 57
[movies]Code4Lib 2008 Lightning Talk: CDRIP - Code4Lib.org
Harrison Dekker describes CDRIP, a cd-rom redigitization project.
Keywords: code4lib, 2008, redigitization
Downloads: 48
[movies]Code4Lib 2008: Zotero and You - Code4Lib.org
Trevor Owens and Shekhar Krishnan introduce Zotero, a free and open source extension for Firefox that allows you to collect, organize and archive your research materials.
Keywords: code4lib, 2008, zotero, research
Downloads: 60
[movies]Code4Lib 2008: A Metadata Registry - Code4Lib.org
Jon Phipps gives an introduction to the Metadata Registry, an open source vocabulary, metadata schema, and DC application profile manager and registry.
Keywords: code4lib, 2008, metadata, registry, dublin core, rdf
Downloads: 62
[movies]Code4Lib 2008 Lightning Talk: Jangle - Code4Lib.org
Ross Singer describes Jangle, an open source project to implement a thin RESTful interface between library services.
Keywords: code4lib, 2008, jangle, rest
Downloads: 53
[movies]Code4Lib 2008 Lightning Talk: Blacklight - Code4Lib.org
Bess Sadler describes Blacklight, a Solr based OPAC replacement being developed by University of Virginia Library.
Keywords: code4lib, 2008, blacklight, opac, facets, solr
Downloads: 61
[movies]Code4Lib 2008 Lightning Talk: JesterJS - Code4Lib.org
Michael Klein describes JesterJS, a Javascript client for REST APIs that use Rails conventions. It is inspired by ActiveRecord.
Keywords: code4lib, 2008, jesterjs, rest, activerecord, javascript
Downloads: 57
[movies]Code4Lib 2008: Building Mountains Out Of Molehills - Code4Lib.org
Bibliocommons shares about facets and searching of MARC data, which is flat with little hierarchy.
Keywords: code4lib, 2008, MARC, data, hierarchy
Downloads: 36
[movies]Code4Lib 2008 Lightning Talk: BibApp Update - Code4Lib.org
Eric Larson describes the last year for bibApp, an open source "Institutional Bibliography."
Keywords: code4lib, 2008, bibapp, institutional bibliography
Downloads: 32
[movies]Code4Lib 2008 Lightning Talk: eXtensible Catalog - Code4Lib.org
Jennifer Bowen discusses revealing library content through cms and learning management systems.
Keywords: code4lib, 2008, extensible catalog, cms
Downloads: 41
[movies]Code4Lib 2008 Lightning Talk: Scientific Data Curation - Code4Lib.org
Nate Vack discusses the possibilities for scientific data curation.
Keywords: code4lib, 2008, data curation
Downloads: 96
[movies]Code4Lib 2008: Guild Navigators for Infospace - Code4Lib.org
Jon Udell argues that librarians will be critical in helping users create, organize and find information on the web.
Keywords: code4lib, 2008, librarians, infospace, information
Downloads: 97
[movies]Code4Lib 2008: Losing Sleep Over REST? - Code4Lib.org
Joseph Dalton and Jay Datema discuss the creation of an API to share images from NYPL Digital Gallery to Kaltura.
Keywords: code4lib, 2008, Kaltura, API
Downloads: 55
[movies]Code4Lib 2008 Lightning Talk: Web Archiving Service - Code4Lib.org
Mike Wooldridge describes the Web Archiving Service at the California Digital Library.
Keywords: code4lib, 2008, web archiving, archiving
Downloads: 36
[movies]Code4Lib 2008 Lightning Talk: User Assessment / Reality Check - Code4Lib.org
Tracy Seneca discusses the issues with user and needs assessment during design.
Keywords: code4lib, 2008, lightning talk, user assessment
Downloads: 23
[movies]Code4Lib 2008 Lightning Talk: Kobold Chieftain - Code4Lib.org
Gabe Farell and Mark Matienzo describe Kobold Chieftain, a faceted backup OPAC based on Solr and Django.
Keywords: code4lib, 2008, opac, django, solr
Downloads: 59
[movies]Code4Lib 2008 Lightning Talk: Advanced Tagging - Code4Lib.org
Albert Bertram describes the advanced tagging efforts being done at University of Michigan.
Keywords: code4lib, 2008, tags, tagging
Downloads: 37
[movies]Code4Lib 2008 Lightning Talk: Steaming Pylons - Code4Lib.org
Bill Erickson from Equinox Software describes the Pylons web application framework.
Keywords: code4lib, 2008, pylons, web framework
Downloads: 38
[movies]Code4Lib 2008: Using A CSS Framework
Chris Barr shows how using a CSS framework can allow you to speed up your development time, normalize your code base, and avoid some common browser bugs.
Keywords: code4lib, 2008, css, framework, yui
Downloads: 59
[movies]Code4Lib 2008: OSS Web-based Cataloging Tool - Code4Lib.org
Chris Catalfo introduces a new open source, web-based cataloging application, started for the 2007 Google Summer of Code and currently developed at LibLime.
Keywords: code4lib, 2008, cataloging
Downloads: 69
[movies]Code4Lib 2008: From Idea to Open Source - Code4Lib.org
Andrew Nagy talks about architecture and design decisions that were made to turn VuFind into a viable open source project and what future plans are in store, as well as how making the project open source has aided the project (and put him into project leader overtime).
Keywords: code4lib, 2008, vufind, open source
Downloads: 37
[movies]Code4Lib 2008: XForms for Metadata Creation - Code4Lib.org
Winona Salesky and Michael Park present the two MODS editors developed by UVM and Brown Universities and introduce the XForms technology as a means for digital libraries to create and manage complex metadata.
Keywords: code4lib, 2008, xforms, mods
Downloads: 40
[movies]Code4Lib 2008 Lightning Talk: eIFL-FOSS - Code4Lib.org
Bess Sadler describes eIFL-FOSS, a program that advocates free and open source software (FOSS) use in libraries in developing and transition countries.
Keywords: code4lib, 2008, eIFL-FOSS, open source software, libraries
Downloads: 31
[movies]Code4Lib 2008: Working with the WorldCat API - Code4Lib.org
David Walker, from California State University, shows a prototype that uses the new OCLC Grid Services WorldCat API.
Keywords: code4lib, 2008, worldcat, api
Downloads: 39
[movies]Code4Lib 2008: Building the Open Library - Code4Lib.org
The Open Library project (demo.openlibrary.org) is a collaboration between publishers, libraries, booklovers, and technologists to create a wiki with a page for every book.
Keywords: code4lib, 2008, open library, openlibrary.org
Downloads: 74
[movies]Code4Lib 2008: CouchDB is sacrilege... mmm, delicious sacrilege - Code4Lib.org
Dan Scott reports on the good, the bad, and the meh of CouchDB, an ad-hoc, schema-free, web-friendly data store.
Keywords: code4lib, 2008, CouchDB, data store
Downloads: 102
[movies]Code4Lib 2008 Lightning Talk: Bringing Sheetmusic To Life - Code4Lib.org
Andrew Bullen describes the process of digitizing and mp3 encoding sheetmusic from the Pullman State Historic Site.
Keywords: code4lib, 2008, sheet music, digitization
Downloads: 47
[movies]Code4Lib 2008 Lightning Talk: Citation Parsing Made Easy - Code4Lib.org
Erik Hetzner describes his work to create a citation parser that converts a typical citation into fields.
Keywords: code4lib, 2008, citation, parsing
Downloads: 53
[movies]Code4Lib 2008 Lightning Talk: Library Content Management System - Code4Lib.org
Karen Coombs shows the progress on the University of Houston Library content management system.
Keywords: code4lib, 2008, cms, coldfusion, content management
Downloads: 59
[movies]Code4Lib 2008 Lightning Talk: World Digital Library - Code4Lib.org
Dan Chudnov describes the UNESCO World Digital Library project that aims to make important cultural objects available in digital form. http://www.worlddigitallibrary.org
Keywords: code4lib, 2008, world digital library, cultural archive
Downloads: 49
[movies]Code4Lib 2008 Lightning Talk: Archivists' Toolkit - Code4Lib.org
Mark Matienzo describes the Archivists' Toolkit, an open source relational database application for back office archival functions.
Keywords: code4lib, 2008, archivist toolkit, metadata
Downloads: 104
[movies]Code4Lib 2008 Lightning Talk: Rails.vim - Code4Lib.org
Noel Peden gives a brief overview of Rails.vim, a Vim plugin for developing Ruby on Rails applications within Vim, and other plugins to turn Vim into an IDE.
Keywords: code4lib, 2008, rails.vim, rails, ruby, vim, ide
Downloads: 84
[movies]Code4Lib 2008 Lightning Talk: Two Invitations - Code4Lib.org
Richard Wallis extends an invitation to participate in the Talis Cybrary Island in Second Life, and to register for a newsletter on general library issues at http://talis.com/newsletters/library/registration.
Keywords: code4lib, 2008, talis, second life
Downloads: 53
[movies]Code4Lib 2008: Finding Relationships in MARC, Rob Styles - Code4Lib.org
I've been doing a lot of work around extracting as much meaning as possible from Marc records, using RDF as the data structure. Marc is a record-centric format, the result is anything but, with the RDF allowing rich relationships to form in the data that can then be used to drive different navigation techniques. This is about making the most of what is in Marc data to do something new.
Downloads: 61
[movies]Code4Lib 2008: Show Your Stuff using Omeka - Code4Lib.org
Dave Lester and Jeremy Boggs show Omeka, a simple solution for sharing and publishing collections on the web. Open source, robust, and easy to install, Omeka gives cultural and academic institutions the means to publish archived content into beautiful, customizable web sites and exhibits.
Downloads: 46
[movies]Code4Lib 2008: Can Resource Description become Rigorous Data? - Code4Lib.org
Work is beginning to transform the eloquent yet arcane texts called "library cataloging records" into data elements that will play well in the Web. Beginning with the upcoming revised cataloging rules, called Resource Description and Access, a team of researchers is exploring the abstract model behind bibliographic description. Coyle will cover the philosophy behind the project and will discuss current progress and goals, as well as fears, risks, and even some confusion.
Downloads: 570 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[movies]Code4Lib 2008: DLF ILS Discovery Interface Task Force API Recommendation - Code4Lib.org
The background and overview of the technical proposal that would provide standardized integration between integrated library systems and external applications, better enabling libraries to replace their OPAC with an external discovery system. Presented by Emily Lynema and Terry Reese.
Keywords: code4lib, 2008, opac replacement, integration
Downloads: 55
[movies]Code4Lib 2008: Second Life Interoperability - Moodle and Merlot.org - Code4Lib.org
Jeremy Kemp and Jonathon Richter describe projects that use Second Life's import / export ability to provide hybrid 3D modules for ILS systems.
Keywords: code4lib, 2008, moodle, merlot, second life
Downloads: 38
[movies]Code4Lib 2008 Lightning Talk: Creating An Academic Image Collection With Flickr - Code4Lib.org
Mark Dahl and Jeremy McWilliams discuss using Flickr and their API to create an academic image collection of ceramics images.
Keywords: code4lib, 2008, flickr, image collection, api
Downloads: 31
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